I watched the most gorgeous lightening show tonight over Kennesaw, and as discussion ended the wind began to blow the most comforting and loving breeze I’ve felt in a long time. It called me to sit and absorb, something I haven’t done in a while, everything it could give. And I have come away in peace. It was amazing. There are no other words to describe it.

In other, other news, I’m almost done with another CD compilation that may or may not be heard. I have one thing to fix tomorrow and it will be completely done. I’m quite happy with it, because it gives me something that allows me to go inside myself for over an hour and explore all the sadness that resides at my core.

I’m almost done reading my book on shape-shifting. It had an interesting concept in there today, which I absolutely adore, and goes with the borderline suicidal thoughts I’ve been having. “Death is a shape-shift.” Wonderful concept.

On that note, I also made a formal declaration that I am a daughter of the Morrigu (among other gods), but she is one that I’m planning on meditating on in the coming months. I believe that was on the wind tonight. It’s always been there, in my face. In fact, she was one of the deities I requested blessings from several years ago, sitting in that labyrinth, escaping the spanking (literally) of the Clueless Wunderkind.

I’m awaking to that which is in me, and I seek to revel in it. It is beautiful. That darkness, inside, is comfort, it is knowledge, it is love, it is rage, it is sadness, but it is me. It is time to open up to me and display what I am.

My music is going to be great, I see it already and I am willing to envelop myself in it. Beware.

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