Day: August 26, 2003

So…..I went to Ozzfest today. It was, um, interesting. I saw the first couple of bands on the second stage, they were ok, but I was waiting for the main stage (this year they separated the main stage to 5PM till 11PM). Anyway, the humidity and heat here are unbearable. I finally hit the point that I felt I could eat around 1.30P, but I wasn’t in a great condition. By the time I got to the counter of the food line, I was a bit dizzy, as I walked away down I went. Some fucking bastard stole my hot dog and water while I was down, but left his sunglasses….on my head. Anyway, one of the theatre employees caught me as I went down, and was kind enough to keep the drunk away from me that tried to drown me with water. Well, came to the first time, nurse in one of the lines checked my pulse and asked about whether I was hypoglycemic because she couldn’t find my pulse when I went down. Then out I went the second time. The employee guy was trying to keep me conscious, spilling water on my back and my head, my eyes were completely black and all I remembered was saying, “I’m going out again.” Down I went for the third. By then, the EMT’s got there and got me to the health tent. That’s where I realized I had someone else’s sunglasses, as well as my own. Anyway, seems the EMT’s weren’t thrilled with the way the concert was providing for the heat. I wasn’t the only one with heat sickness in the infirmary. There was another guy who was bordering on heat stroke and was ready for the IV. When I finally got out of the infirmary, they had set up a mist tent, at the other end of the venue, no where near the field where everyone was passing out. But, the bands I saw were good. Dani Filth still sounds like he’s hocking up a hairball with nails attached to it. And I can’t speak for Marilyn Manson, because the heat sickness conveniently got to me during the intermission before them. Granted, I didn’t get to see the Ozzman, so I’m disappointed in that, but I did get to see Chevelle and Disturbed, so that made my day. End of story.