Day: August 15, 2003

I’m feeling happy. I meditated this afternoon, early, and I’m still feeling in that happy place. I was practicing some of the techniques I read about in my Shapeshifting book. it was very cool to sink into my shiatsu mat and just keep sinking, like i was being engulfed by the whole 2 inches that separated me from the floor. I was fully conscious of what was going on around me, yet i was in my own little world. very much like the night my scotsman and i were supposed to go to dinner with friends, but i wasn’t able to make it because i couldn’t open my eyes or move from where i was. the thought hit me, at the moment, that i was the car i wanted. it was very cool, yet at the same time, one of those really odd things/thoughts i have. seriously, who wants to shapeshift into the car they want, and not be inside the thing at the same time? strange.

anyway, i have ordered the boots that i want, but my credit card is higher than i expected, so next month is limited spending so i can pay it off over the course of the next two months. all’s well, i still haven’t heard from the school. i’ll give them a call on tuesday to see what is up. in other worlds, i sanded my floor this morning, felt great when i finished, probably why i’m still on a happy high. i accomplished something of value today. next stop is to baby myself with a scented shower and hairwashing. i’m still thinking about the pup, too much. i still haven’t figured out why.