Day: August 2, 2003

Hehe, managed to pleasantly surprise the cashier at the grocery store. I was wearing my Ganesha shirt and was able to answer most of her questions about why I was wearing it, including a list of various Hindu god/ddes/s that I know. My Scotsman thinks she was a bit shocked that a pasty white European girl was able to answer her questions. I can respect that, especially given the number of people around here who wear stuff because it looks cool. Work Bitch is one of them, but at least she admits it. I don’t know, it’s something about many americans I come into contact with – around here – that are completely culturally unaware, that makes me ill. I guess that’s why I take my weekly yoga class where I do, I can’t stand most of the studios around here where the instructor might have a grasp on what the purpose of yoga is, but most of the students don’t, and don’t care to learn. They just want a sweatless means of exercising so they don’t smear the eyeliner. Can we tell that I definitely have issues? Anyway, my yoga practice this week has been a bit curtailed. I think I actually managed to snap my Biceps Femoris (main hamstring muscle) back into place. It’s either that one or my IT band, though, I’m more sure of it being my IT band, given that the pain and tension is up in my hip. Of course, this is probably because my hip is now over-compensating for the fact that my Ileo-psoas and my Rectus Femoris aren’t relaxing either (Oh yes, I’m enjoying the use of my anatomical vocab, at the moment *eg*). I don’t know, either way, my right side is a bit hectic and hopefully I can get in to see my therapist next week to help relieve some of the tension/pain.