Day: August 31, 2003

I guess I should fill-in on the Dragon*Con updates….

So far, things aren’t THAT bad. Yesterday (Friday), I missed the EFF panel I wanted to get in on, all because I couldn’t find a damned sock! Well, not to mention, Atlanta traffic. So, spent some time with a couple of friends of mine, caught a glimpse of the iriedanym, but only managed to make her look everywhere but towards me. I got bored pretty quickly, visited the dealer’s room, saw Crais – from Farscape – by the gods he’s hot. He’s on my list of people to stop by and oogle. Almost depleted my energy supplies in that room because it was fucking hot and way too many people who wouldn’t move. So, made it out, made it up to pyynk, kelly, tigger, and tori’s room to rest a bit and cool off. Eventually made my way home because, well, I was too fucking bored. Today was ok, the evening started out like shit because I wanted to catch James Marsters’ band, but the line for the venue was going out the door and around the block. Thankfully, after a bit, I made it in and managed to be up in front of the stage. I was fairly pissed because of the hotel people. Not only do half of them not speak English, they’re lazy, and complete assholes. During the Cruxshadows’ set, I decided to leave and try to find my Scotsman. Gave him a ring and he said he’d meet me in the lobby. I got up the stairs, placed myself near the elevators, but out of the way of any fire walk, or any type of traffic, only to be told to “keep moving”. So, I moved a few feet over and two other girls took my spot. No one complained that I was there. I think it was because someone decided to take my picture. Anyway, I got to witness 3 hotel security workers yelling at a Con attendee, for dropping his drink, to pick it up. One of them on a bullhorn and none of them calling for housekeeping for a mop. So there’s this big puddle of something on tile floor (with lots of women – and men – in heels). But the container it was originally in was picked up – by the attendee. The hotel sucks. I’m seriously considering whether or not I’m going to attend next year. Apparently, the hotel staff hates the Con. To and extent, I can understand why, but to go the distance at irritating everyone (they called the Atlanta Police in, as well as the Fire Marshall) just to be a pain in the ass.

The End.