Day: August 14, 2003

Scorpio for week of August 14th:

“After studying the cosmic omens, I realized I’d be unable to glean your oracle until I was standing on holy ground. I left immediately for Spirit Rock Meditation Center, a Buddhist sanctuary near my home. There I sought out the outdoor prayer wheel, a brightly painted wooden cylinder inscribed with noble phrases like “wise speech” and “wise intention.” Buddhists believe that when this ritual device is spun on its axis, spiritual blessings are cast in all directions. As I reached for one of the handles to give it a whirl, I spied an awesome sight: Four salamanders had arrayed themselves on the section of the wheel that read “wise livelihood.” I knew I’d found my message for you, Scorpio. This week, do everything possible to get closer to making your money by serving your highest ideals.”

Compliments of FreeWill

Funny, I planned on doing that anyway.