Day: August 21, 2003

And another thing, while I hate the fact that I look 18, and am always asked when I will be graduating h.s. Now, it’s fun to sit back, look them straight in the eye and say, “My ten year reunion is in 2 years, but thanks for the compliment. I’ll remember it in another 20 years when I might look older.” The best part is the fact that I sound about 14-15 on the phone. Not that I have a high-pitched voice when I talk at a normal decibel, but that’s just the way technology works. So, when a soliciter calls on my business line, I can pull an, “I’m sorry, but this is a second line.” And they respond, “Are you over 18?” Answer, “No.” Reply, “Can you please have your parents call us when they get home?” Answer, “Sure.” *click* Seriously, I hate the fact that I look much, much younger than I am, but it does have its bonus moments, and annoying sales calls are one of them. Least, when I get dressed up, it doesn’t look like the people I hang out with are pedophiles, or something. Maybe when I’m slacking.