Month: September 2003

Ok, so went and saw Underworld a couple days ago. Yeah, the plot was a bit thin, but given the ending, it could lead to some fleshing out in a sequal. Otherwise, fuck White Wolf and the whole “Vampire: the Masquerade” thing. Gods, yeah, gamers (who actually play the games) could figure it out, but the rest of us who go for the eye candy (and there’s much of it – more for the girls and bois than the guys) aren’t going to sit there and say, “Oh, that’s from an RPG, shame on them for even putting it in there.” On top of that, regardless of the b.s. said in the suits thus far, the word that is being focused on is a noun that is the most common descriptor for the object that it is describing; “abomination”. *sigh* Yeah, that’s not the only focus, but it is one of them and it’s pathetic. Anyway, I’d go see it again, and I have no issues with providing more of my money towards Sony for it.

Women in Politics

Ok, now, I’m all about having women in politics. But fuck! Mosely-Braun support?!?!?!? Seriously, this is my major issue with most women’s groups. They’re in such heat to get women into office (and the presidency) that they don’t bother to give a shit about who they’re actually putting in there. My Scotsman says welcome to politics, and I wish we could go back to the day we had good women who were worthy of running (Geraldine Farrar anyone?). But no! We get stuck with Mosely-Braun. If we want people to take us seriously, then why the fucking hell do we not be more specific in who we let represent us?


“On the eve of the American Revolution in 1775, Paul Revere rode his horse from Charlestown to Lexington, MA, warning the local population that an invasion force of British troops was on its way. Last night I dreamed you were like a modern Paul Revere, only instead of yelling “The British are coming!,” you were shouting “The smiling agents of confusion are coming!” What do you think that means, Scorpio? Here’s one conceivable dream interpretation: In your waking life, you should expose the dangers posed by fuzzy-brained catalysts, no matter how well-intentioned they might seem. Here’s another possible interpretation: Be on the lookout for polite manipulators who use their sweet charm to get their selfish way.”

FreeWill Astrology

This is one post i’ll be updating for an hour or so….

First: watching the dnr debate, they asked mosely-braun about balancing a budget? the woman got nixed for mishandling funds while a senator!

clark is doing quite well, kerry needs to learn the concept of ‘sound bite‘, sharpton is a dumbass (we knew that already). we don’t need to go into the others, but i will say that dean is being upstaged, for once.

Second: like we didn’t already know this

Third: Sharpton really needs to disappear over Liberia, really, really, really (have I emphasized that enough?) needs to. Gephart should have stuck with being the token democrat several elections ago. Not all second comings are beneficial.

Fourth: We all knew AOL was a fucked scam – full story

Ok, I’ve made a decision on a new project that I’m at least going to start on. Our backyard has been annoying me more than anything. The gardens are overgrown and the patio looks more like the floor of a forest. So, tomorrow, I’m heading to the gardening store and picking up some of those garden borders to put in (ones that I like). I already pulled up some of the weeds from the patio, and i’m going to start filtering through the gardens and trimming back the trees from the fire pit. It’s cool enough outside, and some of the mosquitos have subsided, I think I can managed to do some work now. I’ll give about 2 hours for that, and another hour to work on my armoir for the dining room. Added to the day, I’ll be taking my walk, running my errands, and trying to get some work done on my religious assignments.

Odd, talking to my mum actually has made me feel better. Of course, it’s the result of knowing that the present I’ve been wanting for the last couple of years is finally going to happen. I’m getting a new car!!!! Woot!

Apparently I did something right in ritual. I got a megadose of something and I started with hotflashes, progressing to searing headache, then on to the stomach ache. Now I’m down to headache and neckache. But I feel good! Honest, I just wish it didn’t feel so icky.

I’m finding some interesting things out. I haven’t been sticking to my diet very well, again, and I’m finding some interesting clarity in those moments between realizing that I need to eat and when the shakes become too intense to do anything. I think I’m going to actually start working during those times to see what I can uncover. Today, I sat in the car, taking in everything that was around me, being an outside observer that is fully integrated into what I’m observing. It was pretty bloody cool. Not that I gained any personal relevatory insight, but I did notice the distince feeling of liminal existance. Now, to learn how to do that without going into the shakes.

To an extent, this is a reflection of how useless I feel. I made an attempt at fulfilling my promises and trying to mow the lawn. I failed. I can’t get the lawnmower started today. I went out, knowing that I’ve done it before and am perfectly able to start the thing, again. I was wrong. Pushed down on the clutch/gas lever, released it, placed my hand under the wire to tighten it a bit, pushed down again, release, pull starter cord. Nothing, not even a hint that the blades were moving. Just an empty attempt. Adjusted the clutch button near the gas tank. Repeated the whole ritual. Nothing, again. Went through the motions, yet again, resetting the clutch button, and trying again. Nothing. I give up. I try to be useful and am cast aside, as always, with the inability to do something as simple as starting a fucking lawnmower.

And today was going so good. Thankfully, I get to see the moonbird in a little bit. That will definitely help me out.

I’ve found something interesting, I put myself into an altered state when I go for my walks in Piedmont. It’s so cool. I’ve decided that after my walks, I’m going to sit down, meditate, then write, before I leave the park. Today was interesting. I had to go a different route because there’s some event that’ll be happening this evening, but I noticed a small path where there were steps heading up for about 5 feet, then a dirt trail. It was one of those passing glimpses, nothing major important. Next time, I’m going to walk by and contemplate a bit. The concept of a short flight of stairs, up into the brush, then into the wilderness (not how it really looks, but the concept will work better for me). Morrigan was out today, her breath blowing across the park in full force. In my post-walk meditation, I called to her and welcomed her. The wind blew harder, with a voice saying, “thanks”. The trees were thrilled that she was present, branches shaking, shedding the dead leaves and changing the colours of the still-living ones. They welcome the rest from this past sun-year. They’ve received too much for them to use right now, so they are looking for the rest to absorb all that has been given. Making slow use of it for the next year, which brings everything, or nothing. We had lots of water this year. That’s good for the land, but we got too much, the winter will be very needed to prepare for next year. I feel more energy. I’m happy.