Day: August 9, 2003

So, I have cash, again. Now to save up for those two pairs of footwear I want. That shouldn’t be hard, once I get through most of this month, least, next week. Tomorrow, I go see a dead pharaoh, which will be cool because I’ve already seen Rameses II, now I get to see the I. Bought a couple really good books last night, one so that I can learn some Irish myth tales set for fireside telling, and another about co-habitating and the means to get around the loopholes that marriage grants. In reading some of the stuff, I’m quite curious as to whether it would be applicable to poly couples, as it seems such in theory.

In other news, I had a fun day at thehodgeroom. And I’ve found a couple of concerts I want to finish next month up with. Delerium is coming here around the end of Sept and Lacuna Coil will be here, again, with Type O. I can suffer through Type O, but there’s no way in hell I’m going to miss Lacuna Coil. They were awesome the first time, and hopefully there won’t be jackasses on the stage, again, before them. From there, it’s off to camping because they play the night before I leave for my retreat. I’m psyched, especially since Ozzfest is in two weeks, and Progpower is in 3 weeks. For those of you that I was going to get stuff for, please email me with what you wanted, that way I have a means of reminding myself and not forgetting.