Day: August 27, 2003

Ok, I’m feeling a bit better, not much, but I’m alive. Anyway, now on to the fun stuff of yesterday.

WHERE THE FUCK ARE ALL THE HEADBANGERS IN ATLANTA?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?????? All I saw yesterday, with the exception of a mosh pit that could fit on the head of a pin, were girls doing the booty call dance. WTF?? You don’t shake your booty to Disturbed! You jump up and down and see how many people you can nail head first. Now, I know I did a gothy, bellydancer-ish move to Godsmack, when I saw them, but damn! It was to Voodoo!

Also, yeah, I admit, I’m lacking in the chest area and don’t have much to talk about….but my friends that are more endowed than I have complained about back pain and whatnot, so what do I see? Women, who decided to go get painted by some artist, with their breasts hanging down to their waist (if you were listening to 96Rocks yesterday afternoon, this would be who I am referring to). Not large perky breasts, but ones that made you wonder where, exactly, they were connected. Seriously, support, sometimes it’s not just desired, but required. And have some decency (I say the same thing about various pagan groups who feel the need to offend others at festivals by disrobing, to ‘feel’ nature). I’m a skinny person with, what many would describe as a great body. No one will be watching me run around topless, anywhere – unless you manage to spy in my house, but still, good luck seeing me. Why? Because of this issue of decency that I was brought up with. No, it has nothing with being prudish, because if it is, then you sure as hell haven’t seen some of the clothes that i wear. I don’t have issues with people loving their bodies, in fact, I advocate it. It’s the first step towards positive self-esteem, as well as learning to appreciate the need to be at a healthy weight and activity level. However, loving your body does not mean shoving it into someone else’s face (yeah, i know, that can be said towards the skinny people who wear the tight clothes). But hey, even skinny people can look like shit in things that they wear, which can also be a bit on the lacking decency lane.