Day: August 7, 2003

The world is a wonderful place, and Sir I. Newton was wonderful for noticing….

Word has gotten to me that my ex-fiance had to spend a few nights in jail for putting his fists where they shouldn’t have been. I’m hoping a prosecution follows, as I will definitely be in that courtroom when it happens. I want to see him burn for what he did, as it has finally caught up with him. Hell, I’d happily testify. Moral of the story? Never take out what you can’t put back in because you will get your ass kicked, in some manner. (Note: this is not a moralizing of the law of 3, imo, that is utter nonsense – it’s a validation of Newton’s 2 or 3rd law of motion). Anyway, my hip is healing fine.


“In 1914, the science magazine Nature found that 30 percent of the world’s top scientists believed in God. In a second survey in 1934, the number dropped to 15 percent, and by 1998 it was seven percent. From these data, we can speculate that it’s getting harder for smart intellectuals to commune with the Divine Wow the way we smart mystics do. That’s a damn shame. Luckily for you, though, Scorpio, you’re now in an unusual phase in which there’s no contradiction between cultivating both rigorous critical thinking and an intimate relationship with the nine-tenths of reality that is hidden from our five senses.”