Month: November 2008

Just to FYI those of you who are vacationing and avoiding the news….US and UK citizens, specifically, and as a result of location, Mumbai were attacked last night by terrorists in a large coordinated attack across the city.  I understand some of my readership are going to blame this on us, because Americans are always good at blaming themselves.  But the fact is, we are now targets, period (and if there’s any doubt that I didn’t think we were before, we have been, even prior to the tower attacks).  But do not think that us pulling out of the ME is going to solve any issue with this.  It won’t.

That said, offer some prayers for those with family in the areas with your Thanksgiving today.

The thing I hate the most, right now, is that I’m spending more time stressing and trying make sure things work. I don’t have time for yoga, don’t have time for writing, and my journal sucks ass. I have no time to write about the goings on with me, much less do any investigation into the works of me. I know I’m whining, and I know I pretty much wrote this the other day. I suck.

That said, I finally was able to see my trainer today. He was impressed with the fact I haven’t lost muscle tone, yet. But he kicked my ass, to the tune of my quads cramping up so bad I couldn’t walk, and the inability to sit upright due to nausea. It was awesome. Actually made me feel quite wonderful when I was finally able to stand up and walk.

Work was good, a quick day, which was nice. And I came over to montieth‘s house to see that he has found a picture of me from college.  My co-worker Badri was playing with our imaging software, gave me short hair.  It looks good, just wish it would look that good IRL.

I’m very much looking forward to having this day off.  It’ll mostly be socializing, but that is ok.  Christmas is for thinking, particularly given that I will eventually have a better schedule.  So I will have time to THINK!  Particularly since I owe people some journal responses (don’t worry, haven’t forgotten about you).  Just wish I had a laptop for some Cafe time.  Oh, that would be wonderful.  But it’s coming!  Once I am able to get some of my recent debt paid down, I will be all about that used but new laptop.

 Positive things for next week:

A day off, with friends. (means bonus points)
Starting back with my Sadis…Trainer.
At least one day of regular training (2-3 hours).
Beginning my attempt at not focusing on the negative.
A massage *drool*.

 Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

It’s a ripe time to work on fixing any neurosis that chronically disrupts your economic karma. Can you afford sessions with a psychotherapist who’ll help you improve your relationship with money? Just in case you can’t, I’ll offer two exercises that might propel you toward financial self-healing. #1: Twice a day for five minutes, visualize yourself immersed in a joyous and meaningful experience that would be made possible by a more abundant flow of money into your life. #2: Think of three generous acts you want to carry out, three blessings you want to bestow, or three uplifting messages you want to deliver to deserving people. 

FreeWill Astrology

Can’t afford the psycho-therapist, but I really do need to take a hard look at this aspect of my life.  Things are not terribly positive ATM, and not because I’m lacking for work – yet.  But that is more for a f-list entry, and not for public consumption.

That said, I am working on over-coming the negativity that has enveloped me, of late.  This is getting ridiculous, as it’s inhibiting my ability to have any type of conversation with someone that does not involve my complaints.  My shoulders are killing me, to the point that moving them is seriously painful.  I started back training this week, for just an hour a day.  That’s helping a little, but having groin muscles that don’t want to move (they took offense to my sleeping position on the way to Paris).  The hope is, a huge chunk falls off this Saturday.  When I get home, I’ve been doing some relaxation stuff.  Last night was a lovely homemade Indian dinner, a wonderful oil and salt soak/scrub, a glass of wine and my favourite all-time movie….Possession.  The only downside is I kept wanting to ditch the movie for chat time.  I have slipped back into a habit I had hoped to break. :/  Now to break it again.

 montieth and I watched John Adams last night and this afternoon.  There were so many good lines in that movie, that strike so true to this day.  I highly suggest watching it on an ideological bent, but also in the fact it’s a damned good movie.  The two of us were in tears at the end, and having to skip a part or two based on what was happening.  The script does allow for one to be drawn in, kind of the same manner that Band of Brothers did, and I’m glad my Mum sent it to me.  I really think it needs to play on the regular networks, particularly at this point in time in our politics, when we really need to remember our roots and where we came from.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

“Many times in my life,” says philosopher Eckhart Tolle, “it has been my experience that the most powerful starting point for any endeavor is not the question ‘What do I want?’, but what does Life (God, Consciousness) want from me? How do I serve the whole?” I offer that meditation to you, Scorpio, as you slip into the heart of the reinvent yourself phase of your cycle. It’s time to stage a grand reopening, launch a new (relation)ship, or instigate a fresh batch of good trouble. As you whip up the initiatory energy, ask the Big Cosmic Thou where it would like you to go and what it would love you to do.

FreeWill Astrology

Sounds like a good one. But it will have to wait till I can sit still and breathe.

I’m giving it the first 2 year, maybe all 4. If we continue down the toilet and towards European ideals of governance, I’m just going to move where it works. I really don’t understand, given the American habit of fucking up good ideas, that our government seems to think it can make it work.

That said, I hope I get enough birthday money for that Keltech I want, sure won’t be able to get it next year, most likely.

Though, I spoke with a student of politics over there, my last night. His response was, “The foundation of your country does not allow for the type of governance we have over here. Good luck getting that started, the difference in foundation and culture will not allow for it to work. It will fail.”

So, in my effort to give meaning to my life (yes, I’m having a day of questioning, it started last night while sitting in my window overlooking Copenhagen – got a wonderful shot of the view to post later). I’m putting a question to all my readers, LJ users and site visitors alike….

What do I mean to you? What aspect of myself provides something to you? Why do you enjoy reading what comes out of my head?

*For you non-LJers, you may post anonymously, but please sign your post so I know who it’s coming from.

To contextualize this, I’m in the process of evaluating where I am, and where I want to go. Unfortunately, I’m a bit lost, ATM, and feel highly detached from almost everyone around me, including the people I’m supposed to be closest to.

It was raining when I got here, but thankfully it’s not too bad anymore. I got in Thursday, around 3.30 then proceeded to find out my credit cards don’t work here (though the Hostel was able to run my main one). After checking in, got settled then ran off to get my ass kicked at Choke Academy. Fun as always, and meeting new guys. Yesterday was the start of ProgPower Scandinavia, got to hang out with my friends here, and actually got tipsy. They have this drink called Cult Shaker, which is vodka and something similar to red bull. Had no problems with it, other than the bubbles up my nose. Was still fun. The concert lasted well into the night, with Vanden Plas finishing out the evening. Finally got to see Wuthering Heights live, which was nice, since I missed their performance at ProgPower USA the first year. Oh well, this made up for it. Also made some new friends, and got to take pictures of everything that was lost on Drew’s camera from last year. 😀

Oh yeah, skipping the horrorscope this week. I’ll resume next week when I get home.