It was raining when I got here, but thankfully it’s not too bad anymore. I got in Thursday, around 3.30 then proceeded to find out my credit cards don’t work here (though the Hostel was able to run my main one). After checking in, got settled then ran off to get my ass kicked at Choke Academy. Fun as always, and meeting new guys. Yesterday was the start of ProgPower Scandinavia, got to hang out with my friends here, and actually got tipsy. They have this drink called Cult Shaker, which is vodka and something similar to red bull. Had no problems with it, other than the bubbles up my nose. Was still fun. The concert lasted well into the night, with Vanden Plas finishing out the evening. Finally got to see Wuthering Heights live, which was nice, since I missed their performance at ProgPower USA the first year. Oh well, this made up for it. Also made some new friends, and got to take pictures of everything that was lost on Drew’s camera from last year. 😀

Oh yeah, skipping the horrorscope this week. I’ll resume next week when I get home.

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