The thing I hate the most, right now, is that I’m spending more time stressing and trying make sure things work. I don’t have time for yoga, don’t have time for writing, and my journal sucks ass. I have no time to write about the goings on with me, much less do any investigation into the works of me. I know I’m whining, and I know I pretty much wrote this the other day. I suck.

That said, I finally was able to see my trainer today. He was impressed with the fact I haven’t lost muscle tone, yet. But he kicked my ass, to the tune of my quads cramping up so bad I couldn’t walk, and the inability to sit upright due to nausea. It was awesome. Actually made me feel quite wonderful when I was finally able to stand up and walk.

Work was good, a quick day, which was nice. And I came over to montieth‘s house to see that he has found a picture of me from college.  My co-worker Badri was playing with our imaging software, gave me short hair.  It looks good, just wish it would look that good IRL.

I’m very much looking forward to having this day off.  It’ll mostly be socializing, but that is ok.  Christmas is for thinking, particularly given that I will eventually have a better schedule.  So I will have time to THINK!  Particularly since I owe people some journal responses (don’t worry, haven’t forgotten about you).  Just wish I had a laptop for some Cafe time.  Oh, that would be wonderful.  But it’s coming!  Once I am able to get some of my recent debt paid down, I will be all about that used but new laptop.

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