I’m giving it the first 2 year, maybe all 4. If we continue down the toilet and towards European ideals of governance, I’m just going to move where it works. I really don’t understand, given the American habit of fucking up good ideas, that our government seems to think it can make it work.

That said, I hope I get enough birthday money for that Keltech I want, sure won’t be able to get it next year, most likely.

Though, I spoke with a student of politics over there, my last night. His response was, “The foundation of your country does not allow for the type of governance we have over here. Good luck getting that started, the difference in foundation and culture will not allow for it to work. It will fail.”


    1. Our great system also brought us the last 16 years. 😉

      But fact is, our Constitution was raped during those 18 years, and it’s about to be burned at the stake. Do we really wish to destroy the actual spirit behind the document, or do we wish to conserve it? Neither candidate was going to conserve it, and now it’s guaranteed to be destroyed. Good luck with your business, expect some challenges to be made to the Amendment that keeps you in business.


      1. i dont see the 2nd amendment being in danger at this time. the recent court secision pretty much takes care of that and it dismayed me that rather than celebrating a decision that the NRA has been seeking for years, that organization chose to INCREASE the level of paranoia among gun owners. but then, our culture runs on paranoia and guilt.

        what really bothers me is the lack of balance between the legislative and executive branch now.

        anecdotally, every democratic speaker i have heard on NPR has downplayed gun control as an issue. the thought is that everytime gun control gets pushed, the democrats get their asses kicked. but then we shall see.

        i was less worried about the candidates in this election and more worried about the republican platform which included marriage amendments, right to life, and america as a christian state.

        oh it is a great system. it’s great because it can fail, and then perhaps made right again. i never look at america as a total failure even with the shrub in power. because of the “4 year factor”

        obama is (to me) clearly a knee jerk reaction to a bloated chronyist administration. he wouldnt have had a chance if bush hadn’t fucked up.



      2. The problem is the one-party rule. While SCOTUS made their ruling, the IL limitation, that are almost word-for-word the DC ban, has not been struck down. It’s not that I’m being paranoid, but the Patriot Act was being pushed long before 9-11, and after 9-11 it was passed with little debate. All that’s needed is the right timing.


      3. The paranoia I have about Obama as president, Reid as leader in the Senate and Pelosi as Speaker, are the reason. It’s their statements about firearms and gun control, what they’ve tried in the past and what I expect them to try based on stated preferences.

        I guarantee you we’ll see an Assault Weapons ban proposed in the first quarter of 2009. AND likely a LARGE tax on ammo. And other firearms legislation and restrictions as well. With control of the house and senate I FULLY expect they’ll fast track a BUNCH of legislation.

        And, chronyist administration? Wait til we get a bunch of Chicago Political Functionaries in office. Daley for Secretary of State? Or Perhaps DA?


    1. He was instrumental in the gun ban that Illinois currently has, which is similar to the one struck down by SCOTUS in DC. Also, take a check at what his stance has been during the AWB sunset and the follow-up ban that was voted down. Couple that with a Democratic majority Senate and House, and you have him set up to sign any ban/restriction that they can get through.

      As for my friend, I completely agree with him. I wouldn’t consider him pessimistic, as much as understanding the culture attitudes that need to be present in order for a social government of European style to work here. Which does not exist on a grand enough scale to occur here. In addition to that, it further strips the Constitution by further blurring of the line between State and Federal rights. Those lines have all but been obliterated in the last 20 years, and anything in the woodwork in further direction of socialism is going to make the Constitution obsolete.

      I love Europe, don’t get me wrong, but I really am not a fan of the extent to which they are socialist, and I’m not a fan of the direction that this country has wanted to become more and more socialist. It pretty much throws the Constitution on the ground for everyone to wipe their feet on. I’d rather stop the train before it gets to the next stop.

      And no, I don’t think McCain would have been a much better choice, but I do know that he was more looking to get back to the spirit of the Constitution and limiting the Federal gov’t where the States are supposed to have jurisdiction. If, big if, what he espoused on his site and at the RNC is really what he believes in.


  1. I completely agree with his response. It will not work here. Our culture will not allow it to succeed. I can understand, though, the desire to want it to work– however, one must be realistic.


    1. Me too, it’s one reason I like Europe…except when there’s a Federal employee strike (hope you have a car when that happens). It’s also a reason why I don’t have that many qualms in moving to Denmark. They have the police/security force that allows them to stop crimes in progress and to respond quickly. We do not. I honestly felt safer walking home alone at 4AM there, than I ever would here.


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