Month: December 2008

Um yeah. I just saw a commercial for the National Clandestine Service. And I got seriously queasy. Not much scares me, but the concept of what’s coming does. If people think this will be better, please recall whether or not you couldn’t believe the Patriot Act was passed. If you were not thrilled with that, I am at a loss as to how you could justify this.

Also, friend passed this one on to me:  Israeli Navy misses their chance to save America from Cynthia McKinney

What a favour they could have done.

I’m falling off the bandwagon of positivity.  I realized it at work today, and my other therapist laughed at me.  But I guess that is positive.  Hehehehehe.  As my favourite perverted Brit said today, "This too shall pass."  And he is ohhhhhhhh so right.  😀

 Scorpio (December 23-November 21)

Happy Holy Daze, Scorpio! If I could give you one symbolic gift to set the right tone for 2009, it might be a clear glass vase with a potato growing partially submerged in water, allowing you to see its gnarly roots. I’d hope that would inspire you to put diligent yet playful effort into getting reacquainted with and exploring your own personal source code — you know, the master plan of your life that you formulated before you were born. The coming months will be an excellent time to cultivate a wise innocence as you get to the bottom of who you really are. 

Freewill Astrology

😀  Working on it!!!!  Like normal, but it’s nice to know I’m still on the right track.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

In one episode of the TV show "Seinfeld," Elaine couldn’t get her favorite Chinese restaurant to deliver take-out food to her apartment. The manager said her neighborhood was just beyond the boundary of where his drivers were authorized to travel. But Elaine was determined. She went over to the apartment building across the street, which was within the restaurant’s delivery zone, and set up an alternate home for herself in a janitor’s closet. I suggest you adopt a similar strategy, Scorpio. If you can’t get what you want in the place where you are, shift your location.

FreeWill Astrology

Hehehehehe, and all will be revealed!  Seriously, for the shitty lows I’ve been hitting on and off lately, I’m super excited, because I have wonderful things going on that I can’t talk about right now.  But it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside to see it all unfolding before me.  And yes, it involves a location change.  ðŸ˜€  *bouncebouncebounce*

 In an effort to begin posting positive entries more often, here we go…

Yesterday was a good day, actually got paid.  On top of that, the other office I work in, had a quick turnaround for their direct deposit, so I has some cash, plus, got paid for another contract I’m working on.  So, bills will be paid!!!!  Just sent out the payment that will pay off the lesser of the two credit cards, and sent out a nice sized sum for the other one.  ðŸ˜€  My laptop is almost within grasping distance.  Among many other positive things, business-wise.  ðŸ˜€

Today, my Scotsman and I slept in and then went shopping.  I priced out a few housethings and snagged some other stuff to clean it with.  I’m almost done trimming the tree, just missing the topper and the skirt now.  On the way back to my flat, we were getting ready to pass through the light for the 575 underpass on Barrett Pkwy, when I saw something that looked like a small rat running in scared circles.  I yelled, "KITTEN!" and Ryan hit the brakes and the emergency lights.  I hopped out and played "kitty corral", in traffic.  Not fun, but got the kitten under the car, and Ryan was able to reach out and back as it tried to climb into the wheel well.  Once I was able to scruff it, s/he calmed down a bit and sat there, till we got back to my flat.  I don’t understand how someone can throw a kitten out at an intersection like that.  It’s obviously been fed and just smelled bad (for justified reasons).  Got home, got the carrier out, treated the bites and scratches, and Ryan headed out with kitten in tow.  Since he has the space and the time, he’s the one who is going to be caring for it, till a home can be found.

So that was my excitement for the day.  Tomorrow begins another work week.  Woohoo!!!!!

 Mmmmmm, today was perfect.  I slept in till about 2PM, as I spent all night chatting with a Kiwi of my own heart, as well as reassuring vila_rusalka that Sweden will be perfect for her and she shouldn’t be angsty.  I woke up to the perfect horrorscope:  Today is a day when you can have it all. If you were planning on a relaxing day at home with your family, you can do it. If you wanted to do something with a friend, this is possible too. Or you can make definite progress on unfinished chores. Although you might have to prioritize your day, fortunately you won’t need to choose one thing instead of another.  And I did.  Shortly after waking up, headed out to Target for some munchies, came home, cleaned a bit and watched movies and listened to Indie-angry-girl-rock, which I’m still doing.  It was awesome, and I am feeling so much better right now.  I’m slowly working back into the writing mode, the fog is lifting and I can see nothing but sunshine and slight clouds ahead.  I have quite a bit that I need to work on, in this next year, but boy is this gonna pay off for me.  I’ve been wanting this for many years, and the signs are here to proceed with them, so I’m going full-steam ahead and will outline more as they become more concrete.  But, let’s just say that my brother thinks this is the best thing I can do, and is actually encouraging my mother to invest in my idea.  Hearing that from my mum was the best thing I could have ever heard.  I know most people want to prove something to their dad or mum, but for me, it’s my brother.  I grew up in his shadow, and I know he appreciated the stuff that I did, but I always felt like there was some level of lacking belief in my choices.  Particularly, as I am the dreamer of the family.  Everyone up to me has done what they have to do to get by.  He did that to a point, then decided to do what he enjoyed and started making a good life around it.  I’ve always followed my heart, oftentimes to disappointment, but this time, I’m at the point where the time is almost perfect.  I’ve been waiting for this for years, and the fact that all is about to pour forth has me nothing but jumpy, happy, jittery, excited and all sorts of passionate, loving ecstasy open-hearted, etcetcetc.

Needless to say, I have finally found a purpose.  And I’m feeling nothing but balance, right now.