So, in my effort to give meaning to my life (yes, I’m having a day of questioning, it started last night while sitting in my window overlooking Copenhagen – got a wonderful shot of the view to post later). I’m putting a question to all my readers, LJ users and site visitors alike….

What do I mean to you? What aspect of myself provides something to you? Why do you enjoy reading what comes out of my head?

*For you non-LJers, you may post anonymously, but please sign your post so I know who it’s coming from.

To contextualize this, I’m in the process of evaluating where I am, and where I want to go. Unfortunately, I’m a bit lost, ATM, and feel highly detached from almost everyone around me, including the people I’m supposed to be closest to.


  1. Well, I suppose we’re not especially close, but I’ve known you via the internet for a lot of years, and you’ve been insightful, thoughtful, and interesting enough to keep my attention for those years.

    politically we differ quite a bit and yet that’s never been a road block to us communicating with each other as human beings, and that is a sadly rare quality to find in people.

    You make the world a better place, whether you notice it or not.


  2. For my part, I find you to be an introspective, real and inquisitive person trying to figure out this whole life thing.. and so I am, so I find it interesting to read someone’s else ideas in terms of approaching life. Also, I just like knowing what you’re doing and that you’re Ok. I’ve always thought you are a really awesome person and always enjoyed talking to you and hanging out with you when we had the chance.


  3. Well, while we’re not extremely close, I enjoy reading your posts because it gives me an insight into your likes/dislikes, views, and what you’re going through. I’ve always found you to be unique, and I have enjoyed the times we’ve hung out in Atlanta.


  4. I have to admit there are times that I live vicariously through you. You’ve been to countries I’ve only see on TV! You love Ultimate Fighting (I hope this is what you train for)! I also love the fact that you have the ability to share your life the way I want to. I’m always worried that too many people would find stuff out that I don’t want anyone to know. You also find time to “recharge” and I can’t.


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