Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

It’s a ripe time to work on fixing any neurosis that chronically disrupts your economic karma. Can you afford sessions with a psychotherapist who’ll help you improve your relationship with money? Just in case you can’t, I’ll offer two exercises that might propel you toward financial self-healing. #1: Twice a day for five minutes, visualize yourself immersed in a joyous and meaningful experience that would be made possible by a more abundant flow of money into your life. #2: Think of three generous acts you want to carry out, three blessings you want to bestow, or three uplifting messages you want to deliver to deserving people. 

FreeWill Astrology

Can’t afford the psycho-therapist, but I really do need to take a hard look at this aspect of my life.  Things are not terribly positive ATM, and not because I’m lacking for work – yet.  But that is more for a f-list entry, and not for public consumption.

That said, I am working on over-coming the negativity that has enveloped me, of late.  This is getting ridiculous, as it’s inhibiting my ability to have any type of conversation with someone that does not involve my complaints.  My shoulders are killing me, to the point that moving them is seriously painful.  I started back training this week, for just an hour a day.  That’s helping a little, but having groin muscles that don’t want to move (they took offense to my sleeping position on the way to Paris).  The hope is, a huge chunk falls off this Saturday.  When I get home, I’ve been doing some relaxation stuff.  Last night was a lovely homemade Indian dinner, a wonderful oil and salt soak/scrub, a glass of wine and my favourite all-time movie….Possession.  The only downside is I kept wanting to ditch the movie for chat time.  I have slipped back into a habit I had hoped to break. :/  Now to break it again.

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