Scorpio for this week:

The Colorado state legislature tried to pass a law requiring public schools to put wholesome food in their vending machines. But the governor vetoed the bill, declaring that schools need the revenue from nutrient-free chips, sodas, and candy bars to finance their sports programs. Besides, he said, kids would much rather snack on junk food than the healthful fare. If you’re faced with a similar choice this week–whether to do what’s good for you or else indulge your vices and seek out meaningless experiences that provide no fulfillment–please go for the former option. The astrological omens suggest that this is a turning point, for better or worse, in your relationship with your bad habits.

FreeWill Astrology

This is kinda funny given the circumstances at the moment. However, I don’t believe there is such a thing as a meaningless experience. Otherwise, yes, there is a turning point ahead of me, and the direction I’m looking is definitely in a more positive direction.

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