Scorpio for this week:

Many people regard Evangeline Lilly, star of TV’s Lost, as an exceptionally attractive woman. When she was younger, that was a problem for her. “I spent many nights crying myself to sleep,” she has said, “wishing I was ugly because of the way men leered at and disrespected me.” In my studies of human nature, I’ve found that most of us, like Lilly, have had a tormented relationship with our most extravagant assets. Fortunately for you, Scorpio, you now have an enhanced capacity to be at peace with and thoroughly enjoy the potent effects your beauty and power have on the world.

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm. Well, given that I never had that problem as a child, not quite sure which direction to take this one. I am at peace with things right now. My ability with words and touch has brought me much happiness and peace. Things Saturday and last night proved that much to me.


  1. lilly o lilly

    i mean, i “get” where she is coming from. no one should have to deal with this sort of unspoken disrespect.


    she has made a living, and a very good one out of being one of “lost’s” eyecandy girls. (yes she can act, and i enjoy her performance)

    and i know for a fact that more tears are shed by the ugly-ducklings of the world than those shed by the blessed.


    1. Re: lilly o lilly

      I think both sides have their share of issues and that neither is any better or worse for wear. It’s all in our perspective and outlook as to whether or not tears are shed. Where we place importance is always more important than where everyone else places it, unfortunately, we don’t teach enough children that, so they can weather the culture storm that tries to tell them otherwise.


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