Month: September 2006

In driving to my office today, windows down, stereo cranked, I realized I’m ready. This season is one of my favourites, mainly because it was when I was born, but you can honestly feel the changes. The day after Prog I could smell the snow that’s coming our way. I’m not totally prepared for it, least with functional clothing, so I’ll have to snag some warmer stuff. I’m sitting here in my work room, wanting to be out in the park, watching the leaves change colour with my camera. I want to be out soaking it up, but instead I sit here at a computer screen waiting, sipping my tea and feeling the energy within me. I want to go feel the ocean again, let it call to me and give in to it. Let it surround my body in its frozen caresses, till my lips soak up the salt that gives its kisses that extra sultriness. There is something to be said for the ocean and the winter sky. The endlessness that both provide, singing in duet to bring back the summer.

I danced…

Upon the rain clouds, my feet tapping against your roof. Asking you to come out to play. My skirts creating the wind that rustled up the trees, scratching against your window pane. I didn’t mean to scare you. I shower you with gold, pouring as leaves upon the path that you will walk. Blessing your path before you arrive. For you are mine, and I love you for it.

Scorpio for this week:

Last year actress Michelle Rodriguez was arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii. She was given the choice of spending five days in prison or doing 240 hours of community service. She surprised everyone by choosing to be incarcerated. Some observers theorized that she felt it would be a good chance to do research for future film roles as a bad girl. Rodriguez said, “I’m a gypsy. I can see beauty in a jail cell.” While I’m not predicting you’ll end up behind bars in the coming week, Scorpio, I do suspect you’ll have a bout with limitation. If you do, regard it as an invitation to accomplish three things: (1) Develop more compassion for people who’ve undergone comparable adventures; (2) expand your ability to find beauty in challenging circumstances; (3) cultivate your skill at creating opportunities for yourself in the midst of perplexity.

FreeWill Astrology

Wow, the boy stumped me. With that said, my friend Linda has me wanting to pick up my camera and take it everywhere with me. However, unlike her, I plan on getting a digital video camera instead. I’ve always had the nutty idea to do “a day in the life of me” stuff. Since well before MTV made it cool, and I’m finally feeling the desire to do it. Mainly so I can do video journals, instead of just trying to describe something, I can film it and talk about it at the same time. I think it’ll add an interesting spin to my website.

Boundaries, the intro…

Alright, so I’ve finally got some of my boundaries cataloged and I’m going to start posting them….tomorrow, with descriptions of what brought them about and how I became aware of them and what I’m doing to break through them. I wanted to put this out there, as I’ll be using examples from my life, and some people might take offense to be used as an example. I want to point out that nothing I am going to say is to slam anyone, or make them feel guilty for crossing a boundary of mine. These are just examples and I hold nothing against anyone who has crossed any of my boundaries (unless they knowingly do it repeatedly for the purpose of pissing me off).

I understand that my boundaries are so far out in left field, that most people think I don’t have any, hence why I don’t go ballistic (yes Kyle, my sincerest apologies for reacting the way that I did. There was a better means of letting you know, and I fucked that one up. Least we found out you liked it. 😡 ).

How do you make a Freak cry? Take her to a movie about the “romantic” warrior, aka Fearless. It was beautiful from both a cinematographic perspective, as well as a martial arts perspective. It’s easy to hate the child with a point to prove, but to see the journey through the self-discipline and life lessons, to the man he became is just amazing. The part that really got to me, was the match between Jet Li’s character, Huo Yiangjia and his Japanese counterpart. Classic display of the warrior creed taught by any school or class of warriors. I won’t give out any spoilers, because I’d rather you all see the movie. I guarantee, that anyone who has felt the pull of the warrior path, will be hit in the heart with this one. Especially when you take into consideration, that this is Jet-Li’s last movie.

My Scotsman gets major kudos for this choice. Of course, the last movie about warriors we saw together, he cried. 😉 Guess it was my turn.

The season change is officially here. I’m starting to walk down that dark, dim-lit stairwell again. Diving deeper within myself to unravel the story and mystery that creates me. Watching the world evolve around me, as it dies and is reborn. I start the next chapter of my life in this next year. Not sure how I’m am going to write the first paragraph, but it will be a good one. The words sit on my finger tips, waiting for the warmth to strike at them and unleash them in the flurry of keystrokes. But they must gain the power behind them, they must sit and ferment, like a fine wine….

Scorpio for this week:

“Women are traps that lay for men everywhere,” said Franz Kafka, “in order to drag them into the infinite.” If you find this idea sexist or heterosexist, formulate your own version. One way or another, you need to get lured or yanked into a bracing experience of boundless possibilities . . . into a delightfully shocking immersion in eternal truth . . . into a whirlwind tour of sublime, brain-scrambling beauty. If an uncanny woman will do the job for you, great. If an amazing man works better, or maybe a magical member of an in-between gender, seek that person out. Play hard with the limitless, Scorpio.

FreeWill Astrology

Oh yeah, we’re traps alright, too bad some of us haven’t learned the finer “womanly” arts that don’t involve a kitchen. Very lost art, if you ask me, the art of seduction, that is. Of course, being an in-between gender myself, I guess I’ll take one of each. Which, being the abso-lucky person I am, I already have within my midst. And I cannot even begin to describe how amazing they both are. With that said, I look forward to falling down the abyss. Bring it on.