Day: August 15, 2006

In speaking of horoscopes…

I check the one on myspace. How good is this for recent days:

You can feel the steady pressure from the storms of change as the Moon moves through your 7th House of Relationships. But this isn’t simply about a petty disagreement. Instead, you are aware of deeply rooted issues that may have stirred up your resentment. If some aspects of your life are out of control, decide now what needs to be relinquished and what is worth keeping.

Scorpio for this week:

Sculptor Luis Jimenez was renowned for making large pieces with political themes that incited controversy. In “The Barfly,” created during the Vietnam War, he depicted the Statue of Liberty as a drunken floozy. “Vaquero” shows a Mexican cowboy riding a bucking stallion and waving a gun. It not only satirizes the pretentious statues of military leaders on horses that are often found in parks; it’s also a reminder that the original cowboys of the American West were Mexicans. “It’s not my job to censor myself,” Jimenez said. “An artist’s job is to constantly test the boundaries.” Whether or not you’re an artist yourself, Scorpio, your next assignment is aligned with Jimenez’s approach: Don’t censor yourself as you test the boundaries.

FreeWill Astrology

Heh, boundaries eh? That seems to be the topic du Jour with me. Of course, there goes the polite way to explain boundaries. 😡 Just kidding. I promise I’ll be nice.