Day: August 28, 2006

So, it seems whatever has been bugging me for the last 6 months, has finally decided to show itself a little more. I think I can thank the insomnia and the wonderful night out with the girls, to celebrate uglyfish‘s last days before death. 😉 Right now I’m just at the funky feeling, scratchy throat and headache point. Which means no BJJ for me today. We’ll see how I am tomorrow for kickboxing.

I went driving yesterday for tea, and drove about 2 hours, found tea, sat for 2 hours drinking it, then drove home. It was beautiful out yesterday. My Scotsman had a D&D game, so I left them to their entertainment.

Outside of that, I’m feeling pretty good. Doing much better in spirit, and planning on hanging out with one of my friends today. Just need to go to the Chiro before heading out there.