I think the extra day off every week has been helping me out a bit. I seem to be sliding back into my introspective self, and further away from my rushed self. I’m feeling the pull back towards the mountains again. The need to wash my feet in the streams, and immerse myself in the cool waters that spill down the rocks. This time, I’m taking my bike with me, so I can go further up into the park, where people start to thin out and become scarce. I’m starting to remember things again, getting into my normal patterns that allow me to be who I really am. Beginning to fit more quality time in my day, so I don’t feel like I have to sit at home before and after training, to feel whole again. My next step will be back to cultivating my magic. Yes, I work with it every day, to provide what’s needed to my clients. But I think it’s time I start refocusing on myself and learning and growing within my path. I need to start veil-walking again. My last few dreams that have stayed with me, make that apparent. It wasn’t that I was resting, during this last down-turn, it was that I was stagnating. It is time to start moving again.

My first step is going to finally begin writing the paper on Magic and my work, and the importance of magic in what I do for a living. I hope to have the first meditation draft written on the train ride home from NJ. The second will be on a similar tangent, in dealing with magic in my daily life. I’m hoping that will lead to a better focus, and a more intentional lifestyle than I currently have.

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