Scorpio for this week (late, I know):

Pioneer cartoonist Walt Disney had no doubts about what inspired his greatest ardor. “I love Mickey Mouse more than any woman I’ve ever known,” he said. My sculptor friend Rachel has a similar relationship with her art. “I don’t have time for boyfriends,” she told me. “Men just distract me from my work, which is the only thing that gives me unconditional joy.” I suggest that in the coming weeks you make Walt and Rachel your role models, Scorpio. What form of creative self-expression inspires as much of your passion as your drive for romantic intimacy? Feed it with the same fervor you summon when you’re infatuated with a new lover.

My problem is that my passions are currently occupied. In talking with my Zoomie last night, we both agreed that we’re too passionate about things. It is the fire that pushes us ahead and keeps us moving. The problem arises when that passion is translated into emotions, as we pursue and feel what we do with passion. I know it has been my downfall, and the reasoning behind my problems with letting go of things. It has been the source of my frustration, the source of my pain and the source of my cynicism/misanthrope-ism. My dad used to call my naive because of it, failing to see reality for the veil over my eyes. Maybe, but I also think this same problem is what made my gram into the sour old woman that she became when I was born. We are captive to our passions, and when we fail in sustaining them, or utilizing them to the greatest of our ability, we see that as absolute failure. A failure of our own making that we should have been able to make into a success.

A thousand years from today, everyone you know will be long dead and forgotten. There’ll be nothing left of the life you love, no evidence that you ever walked this planet. That, at least, is what the fundamentalist materialists would have you believe. But suppose the truth is very different? What if in fact every little thing you do subtly alters the course of world history? What if your day-to-day decisions will actually help determine how the human species navigates its way through the epic turning point we’re living through? And finally, what if you will be alive in a thousand years, reincarnated into a fresh body and in possession of the memories of the person you were back in this era? These are my hypotheses. These are my prophecies. Which is why I say: Live as if your soul is eternal

This will make an interesting meditation topic.

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