Day: July 14, 2005

Other things stolen from FreeWill

Life is a vast and intricate conspiracy designed to keep us well supplied with blessings. What kind of blessings? Palatial homes, attractive lovers, lottery winnings, career success? Maybe. But just as likely: interesting surprises, unexpected challenges, gifts we hardly know what to do with, conundrums that force us to get smarter. Novelist William Vollman referred to the latter types of blessings when he said that “the most important and enjoyable thing in life is doing something that’s a complicated, tricky problem for you that you don’t know how to solve.

I find this amusing due to how my boys see my dating life – loving the challenge of the hunt.

In other news, I’m in a seriously wacky mood. I mean really wacky, bouncy, almost mature childish. It’s kinda funny, bringing issues in some respects, but overall I’m in a seriously good mood. I fear for my friends at the fight tomorrow, wacky freak and violence is a hilariously dangerous mix.

Oh yeah….GAME ON!!!!!!! (hockey hockey hockey) Oh yeah, and as waymerich found what Detroit did with their Octopus last year (those at pitbullpotpie‘s tequila and porn party know what I’m talking about), I guess we’ll have forgive them for putting their octopi to bad use. :X