Ya know, I’ve been reading the blogosphere for various reviews on “Over There”. I’ve seen a good bit of negative and a lot of wishful thinking about the writers of “Blackhawk Down” and “Band of Brothers”. First off, the writers of both of those had a real story to base the screenplays on, “Over There” only has real situations to base it on, not a full-blown story. The characters in “Over There” do not exist, the characters of the other two, did, even if the names were changed. You want historical drama, watch the history channel, FX is drama only.

Now, I liked “Band of Brothers”, I hated “Blackhawk Down”. In fact, if we want to get into the politics of screenworks, “Blackhawk Down” made me hate the Clinton administration more than anything Clinton could have done otherwise. That situation proved to me that a person with no military experience, should not be directing the military, nor should he have any “yes” men to advise him. There is no way that I will ever, voluntarily, watch that movie again. In fact, I wish I had the time and the money spent to go see it back, so I could do something useful.

With “Over There”, it’s drama for me. I was on the edge of my seat as the transport truck slowly rolled over the IED, I was laughing my ass off as the .50 cal exploded into the insurgent, tore off his torso as his legs continued to walk forward. I wanted to bitchslap the token dumbass chick as she screamed at her unitmate for helping her dig a sleeping hole, and wished for a bullet to her head when she took off to take a piss. I sympathized with the guy who’s wife was banging someone else, because he was getting deployed as means to punish her – I know guys who went through that argument with their wives, heaven help those women should I ever meet them. I gave respect to the mother who explained to her infant son how she was going to be gone for a year because “Mommy has a job to do”. I also wanted to high five the MP who threw the insurgent leader into the transport veh., who told the Reporter from AJ to fuck off, and why.

Do I think situations like that happen? Who knows, not over there, and thanks to the fuck-up called the MSM, my boys who are infantry couldn’t tell me if they did. Do I think that situation was put in the pilot for a reason? Hell yeah! You get introduced to the characters, you get both sides of the coin nailed, and you see that there isn’t really any black or white to the situation, just a fuckton of gray. Honestly, I don’t think either side of the political coin is going to get what they want out of this show. In fact, the hatred for this show might be the only thing the left and right have in common right now.

I’m not sure on the blunt comment, I don’t ever recall smoking a joint that I could exhale out my mouth and then inhale through my nose. Though, the ash looked about right, as did the coughing. My guess is that the actor is a smoker and they “fixed” up a cig to look like a blunt and he forgot.

Oh, and the women were the transport personnel, not the guys. Watching it right now, and caught that part.

Addition: In regards to “Dim”, he didn’t give himself his nick for the reason of being stupid. He got it in basic, probably given as just a breakdown comment (probably in the same manner I got the nick Psycho in the gym).

Another: The M-16 is ejecting out the right side, not the left as commented on BlackFive’s blog. Someone needs to watch closely, or record and hit pause (TiVo is wonderful).


  1. ditto

    on BHD. though i liked the movie. i hated the aftermath. i saw interviews on THC later with the guys that were involved, and they were pretty sour on the fact that wash didnt support them.

    they wanted to flatten the area.

    i dont have TV so i cant comment on the other show you enjoyed.

    however since i spent a year in turkey, im not sure why they would be smoking joints. hash was the drug of choice in T. and my o my, what incredible stuff it could be.



    1. Re: ditto

      The issue is regarding one of the guys, nick’d “smoke” smoking what looks like a joint in uniform, next to the transport pool.


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