Day: July 13, 2005

Scorpio for this week:

When I saw the grandmother of one of my friends dancing exuberantly at a party in a San Francisco warehouse, I was confounded. “Isn’t she 80 years old?” I asked my friend, who was one of the DJs. “82, actually,” he said nonchalantly. “She’s in great shape.” But my amazement wasn’t based merely on how much energy she had; her agile movements were stunningly sensual. I’ve rarely seen young dancers display so much erotic abandon. I decided that she’s a rare example of a person whose aging process has not made her rigid and cautious, but just the opposite: It has lightened and liberated her. She’s a good example for you right now, Scorpio. You should be cultivating the kind of maturity that will loosen your inhibitions and banish your fears.

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm, maybe that’s what the PFC who opened the door for me on my way to the Apple Store was smiling. And it wasn’t because I was acting like one of the shadows in an iPod commercial (yes, I danced my way through the train station and the mall).

So, I went for my morning meeting, Therapist I was to interview never shows up, doesn’t call. Go fig, I love these candidates I’m getting. So, I take care of a few things and head over to the Apple Store to see exactly how dead my 1st gen iPod is. Well, it’ll be $110 for a harddrive installation, that includes parts. Or, I could get 10% off that lovely U2 iPod I’ve had my eye on. The good part, is I can wait on either one, not something I have to get done now, so I can save up for it. I think I’m going for the U2, as much as I love to say I own a 1st Gen iPod, I just don’t think it’s worth it to shell out the cash to replace the harddrive.

Otherwise, got a rush of anger on the train into the city. Seems that my empowerment (Unpretty – TLC) song also brings reminders of past abuse up, and as much as I thought I had dealt with that, apparently I haven’t. So I get to my meeting, having to squash the adrenaline rush. Did pretty good, being there relaxed me a bit till it was time to try and get in touch with DQB (who’s non-communicative, again). Then, I get to the Apple Store and get that news, so I snag a power adapter for my Mini for my car and a new case, then head out, call my Scotsman about the iPod. Yeah, need to stop doing that.

As for keen sense – I have reminded myself of a few choice things that have calmed that down a bit, this is something I need to be Zen about, vs a hyper-sensitive witch. I can’t save the world, and things happen as they happen and sometimes…there’s nothing I can do about it. I need to put that on the first post-it note reminder in my brain. If I don’t have the info, then I shouldn’t worry about it till that info comes in.

Oh yeah, swim suit was on the door stoop when I got home. I like it so much better! The top fits a whole bunch better, even though I have to crawl into it. And the bottom fits (thought it would be too small), even has the little draw-string to keep me from losing them if I get the chance to go diving.