So, the continued discussion on the boards from my last post has lent the questions of “why do you want to see direct combat?” and “would you sign up for an all female unit?”

Well, first off, I know I’m not the only female in the US who’s twisted as fuck and would have no issue with being on the front line and putting our lives directly on the line. And to mirror, why would any men want to see direct combat? Why are they even willing to go if called? Many women can answer those questions with the same answer. As to the second question, if that was a unit of women with my same opinion? Of course I’d sign up to be in it, I could tolerate them, but don’t expect any of us to coddle that one that refuses to be part of the team. Otherwise, pack me in with the boys, I find them easier to work with, despite the fact that I scare the living shit out of the boys I consider the coolest in service.

As for the dumbfucks that are complaining about the fact that sex is happening on shifts because of the women – sorry, but women’s BDUs aren’t the only buttons that have to come undone for that deed to happen. Want to bitch about the harlots in the service of the US military, tell your boys to keep their pants around their waist and not their ankles. Seriously, I’d rather give myself carpal tunnel than fuck any of my unit mates.

And yes, this is another major bitch of mine, in the event you haven’t figured that out, yet.


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