Day: March 14, 2005

I’m becoming more introspective of late. There are things that need to be shifted, things that need to be burned, and things that need to be added. I’m definitely feeling the need to get to the mountains again, spend some time by a river, merge with something that is not human or animal. I’m not sure exactly what is up, but I’ve been pushing ideas around in my head, about letting go of my skin. Specifically today, when I got to the cafe, they were playing Celtic music, and continued for about an hour till they switched to whatever it is that’s on right now. Once it’s warm enough, I’ll probably take my own trip to the mountains, sit by the tri-states dam for a bit and dip my toes in. If the whipping boy is still state-side, maybe I can talk him into a ride on the bike up there, or maybe a nice trip out of a perfectly good airplane. Either or, I need to shift something, I just need to figure out what that is, preferably sooner, rather than later.