Day: March 7, 2005

My political commentary for the day….

Italian Journalist says US targeted her, US says otherwise

Alright, as streams of info comes in, it turns out the Italian gov’t kept us out of the loop because they paid upwards of $6Mil Euros to get this woman back (my Scotsman says open season on Italian journalists now, I agree). Because of this little factoid, the US was kept out of the loop regarding her release. So were our soldiers expecting her arrival? Nope, all they saw was a car coming towards them. Honestly, I’m at a loss on who’s events to believe, as usual I think they’re somewhere in-between. Honestly, do I think the fire came from a tank? Of course not, more than likely, if the tank wanted to stop a car without actually firing anything into it, who do you think’s gonna win – the car, or the 30cal+ armour-plated tank?

Honestly, I think we should pull our military out of Italy, not Germany. Let those towns lose the revenue and move the bases elsewhere. It’s pathetic that they would stoop this low. And now that the insurgents know that they can get that kind of money out of a government, guess what’s going to happen now? If Eason Jordan was dumb enough to accuse the military of targeting journalists, hope he can counter that when journalists are now targeted because of Italy’s stupidity.