Ya know, if this changes in the next couple of years, I might sign up…

But I fucking hate it when someone takes up the charge to keep women out of frontline combat units. The fact that this is actual policy is the reason why I didn’t join up in the first place, and thankfully, this little skirmish is changing that fact, and I hope the military soon changes its policy to reflect it.

Here’s the link to the story


  1. women are in the front line units. They just can’t be officially in a “combat Arms” MOS. There are about 20 women attatched to my Battalion, and I guarantee you, if we deploy, they’ll all see combat.


    1. That’s why I’m saying that I hope this little skirmmish changes the “official” rules. I hate having my choice professions x-ed off because of my gender.


      1. I honestly wonder why you would want to join a combat arms MOS…. it seems like 99% of the guys that get into those jobs are the people you have utter contempt for in your civilian life. You’d probably want to kill them all, much like I do.


      2. I’ve spent too much time developing my own level of testosterone. Being in an MOS that coddles me would piss me off all the same.

        I played hockey with the same type of guys. They left me alone after they realized that I’d nail their ass to the sideboard in a heartbeat during gauntlet runs.

        Besides, I’ve always been one of the boys, and I can’t stand being treated like a girl for too long.


      3. I’ve still got several years, so if they change things, I might. Though, it’d be hard having to settle for the Army over the Marines. 😉


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