Day: March 29, 2005

So, my experiment in being a Daywalker is interesting. I dragged my butt out of bed this morning at 8am, got luxpagani to the airport on time and managed to clean the house and get some stuff done on the prelim meeting stuff. This afternoon will be a visit to Skellie to look at my piercings, the Scotsman is worried that my eyebrow stud is being rejected and I need that looked at, as well as sending off for the new stud to go in it. Trying to figure out my schedule for the rest of this week and it’s not working. Seems I have a recruiting fair to be at on Thrusday from 11A to 3P, as well as a meeting that’s supposed to take place sometime before that, plus a meeting for drinks in Lenox (shudder @ the location). So we’ll see how I can fanagle that one.

Plus, finally heard from the boss (funny how I only hear from him when I contact him), flakey crap as usual. He claims he’ll be at the meeting tonight on-time, but we know the track record on that one. Phone meeting in a few with my cool boss to go over prelim stuff.

Oh yeah, did some house-cleaning, imagine that, and made me some lunch soup. Need something else, though, because sugar is currently dropping again.