Day: March 30, 2005

So far, I’m doing good. Up today just before 9a, and I’ve almost got my presentation taken care of and ready to go. Just have to email it off to the wonderful people at my local Office Depot, head over there to pick up some stuff and presentation, run by the bank, grab food, and I’m good to slack off the rest of the day. I haven’t found time to meditate yet, but as I get up earlier and earlier, I can start watching the sun come up and spend some time in that space.

I do have to say, having the house opened up has helped A LOT! I’m doing much better at staying on a positive wavelength, sitting in my office helps too, it’s the brightest room in the house and I’m surrounded by windows. Gonna hit the gym this afternoon too, probably after I pick up my presentation and talk with the other boss man. Though, with that track record, I’m doubting that is going to happen.