Day: March 25, 2005

So far, I’m doing good. For the last couple of days, I’ve limited myself to 2 cups of tea or weak coffee, and I prep my Nalgene bottle the night before with the mornings rations of water. Been drinking about 2 of those a day, so far. Hoping to up that as I can actually spend time, DURING THE DAY awake.

I’m also becoming more aware, more serene and beginning to feel like the basics of my foundation are coming back. I’m learning to spend time flitting between the realms, while functioning physically on this one. My main happiness is that I’ve finally gotten the TV turned off for most of the day. Granted, I spend that time sitting in my office, staring out the windows or looking at a computer screen.

Today, while I would love to go to the gym, that will have to be relegated to tomorrow, thanks to the need to hop on the train to go pick up my check from the hotel I don’t work at. Why? Because my boss doesn’t believe in stamps. And this is the 3rd meeting in a row that has been cancelled. Sometimes, I wonder how serious he is about getting this business going anywhere, because it’s everyone else working round the clock to get it functioning. He seems to feel it’s ok to function when he’s around, but run off and cease functioning. Got me.