Day: March 1, 2005

So, a little explaination, I guess. Today was my first day in the official role of head bitch for an event. I got blown out of the water. Start-day meeting set for 9am at specified location, most of the people got there on time. The rest staggered in half an hour late, boss included. Get everything set, all’s good to go, therapists rock and they’re easy to work with. Then, break slots come and we’re stuck with me running in therapist/bitch mode trying to keep everything organized while working on people at the same time. Not a problem, because the boss disappeared again to run errands. Then he comes back, and one therapist decides that his lunch break is 30 minutes vs the 20 I gave him (yeah, not a lot, even I agree on that one, but think of it like a restaurant). So everyone behind him is stacked back for their breaks. Thankfully, the change out from our other hotel location had already gotten their breaks (because it was slow in their area) and they were ready to go. Next therapist heads out, and doesn’t return either. Now, normally I’d go looking for them, but because I have to fill in on a chair, I can’t. Boss man comes back, bitching about chairs not having someone standing next to them until I explain that therapists need breaks. Seems ok, till he gets on to me for letting someone have a half-hour break. WTF? Um, no, I authorized 20 minutes because he hadn’t taken one, period, not even to get a glass of water or hit the restrooms. Yeah, so tomorrow the ugly bitch comes out, because I tried to be lax, hoping that each person would be responsible for themselves and I could worry about other things instead. Obviously, I had too much trust in people I shouldn’t have, but that’s a lesson learned. On top of that, phones were ringing off the hook, and were being answered while hands were on a body. Talk about a massive no-no. So my shoulders are back to being bony protrusions out of my back, even my good hip has taken to cramping, along with my left shoulder and upper arm. I think I’m going to put a clause in my contract, I will only run and pull back-up duty if my boss is not on location. Once he got there, he decided to change up shit and not listen. So right now, I’m sitting in the cafe, waiting for him to show up so we can go over today, and let him know we got a call-in emergency from one of our girls for tomorrow. Yay.

Edit: After speaking with the boss, we have things settled, a little bit. Least we have the same issues, and I’m putting together a “briefing” for event staff on conduct and all that shit.