Day: March 22, 2005

Feh. Finally made the suggestion that I get the chair for Tuesday nights, that way I’m not stuck waiting for my boss. I’m not going to talk about any of my issues regarding the latest news headlines, just let me say it’s all bullshit, IMO and that’s where I currently stand. I’ve made some changes to the Playground, I think it looks much better, even though infopocalypse has a better way he’d like to do it, too bad he hasn’t sent me any of his ideas or layouts *hint hint*. Tomorrow, I’ve got some light housework and then I’m focusing on some journeying I’ve been wanting to do. Also gonna play catch-up with my Yoga journals and get the prelim shots for my next gallery out for edit.

I also updated my religious journal, for those interested, if you want the address, I’ll post it, but ya gotta ask nicely if you don’t know already. I need to copy that one into my meditation journal, as well as a few other places. Means up early again tomorrow.

Speaking of, I’m slowly becoming a daywalker again. I have been able to drag my ass out of bed at 9ish of late, and I’m hoping the trend continues to earlier times. I have some early morning rituals I’d like to start doing, once the summer sun comes out, I’ll detail them in my spiritual journal as I start doing them. That’s another goal on my pile of to-dos. I need to make a list of them.

Oh yeah, I think I’ve finally over-done myself with my workouts, I think I lost too much body fat. Gonna have to consult with the Dr if that becomes apparent at the end of this week. That is not a fun thing, and I’ll have to find out what I need to do to keep up the workouts and not suffer the female issues associated with it.