Month: October 2009

So, apparently the health plans coming out of Congress include this:

Individuals under the $829 billion Senate Finance Committee plan would be required to purchase health insurance coverage or face a fine of up to $750. The House bill imposes a more stringent fine of up to 2.5 percent of an individual’s income. Both versions include a hardship exemption for poorer Americans.

CNN Health plan unveiled

Which, to me reads, “If a private plan is too expensive for you, and the government plan sucks ass, you’re fined.” Not what I would consider all that great, considering I have a catastrophic plan (that I do prefer) that keeps going up as my net annual income does not. So, when it comes down to cutting costs should I need to, it will be the first to go. And like hell I’m going to force someone else to pay my way, and I sure as hell don’t like the idea of forcing me to let someone else pay my way.

So, I was daydreaming about the leasing situation, and what my options are….and in my vision, my response to the agent was, “Rivers always flow in the path of least resistance.” Tomorrow, I check one of those paths.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

“Behind every face, there are a thousand faces,” says film director Bryan Singer, who worked on two of the X-Men movies. He deals with professional actors, who specialize in revealing the myriad faces beneath the surface. But I think his assessment applies to lots of people, especially you Scorpios — although it must be said that you do have mad skills at hiding all the action going on beneath your surface. This Halloween, I urge you to make a break with tradition and show five or six of the real you’s lurking below your poker face. Costume suggestion: be inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “hero with a thousand faces.”

FreeWill Astrology

Or the 7 Faces of Dr. Lao? The question becomes, which faces to show? The lover, the sage, the mother…..etc, etc, etc? I know one face will be the veil walker, another will be the warrior, given my station within ritual the mother will also be present. The Judge, mayhaps?

As far as this year has gone, it has been interesting. I am seeing many new colours emerge within my community. Some I like, some I don’t. There have been several judgements made, I’m predicting that more will come before year’s end. Transition is full of that, and this is a time of transition. I’m still considering where I want to go next year, or at least what progress I want made. I’m this close to telling the leasing agent for the space I’m looking at, to withdraw my interest. I understand what they’re trying to accomplish, but I’m feeling that there is too much stumbling and not enough thought occurring. That, and she keeps upping the cash-in-hand number, at this point it stands at a number that would crush my business, and that I will not have happen. I have options, I have made my contacts, so something will happen and I will be ok. I half think she’s trying to torch my chances. Which goes back to my many faces…I am very much like Mystique, able to shift as needed, yet still remaining true to the core.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

The astrological vibes suggest that you open yourself wide, try everything, and give freely. I urge you to adapt as your motto an exhortation that once came out of the mouth of the seven-year-old cartoon character Dennis the Menace: “Hey! Wake up! Let’s go everywhere and do everything!” More than any other phase in many moons, Scorpio, this is your moment to make YES your battle cry. The world is asking you to be bigger than the old you, wilder than five blood oaths put together, and as strong as the full moon rising over a mountain.

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm, sounds fun!!!! But can the rest of the world handle an unbridled Freak? If not, oh well. 😀

That said, in order to make this business flourish in the manner it needs to, I need to run full steam ahead, I need to have the outlook that attracts what I need. I called the leasing agent and said, “What exactly do I need to have, on hand, for this to work?” She told me, and I said that I will talk to my bank and have my financiers call you. This will work.

Otherwise, I am feeling quite well, surprisingly. The fan didn’t spread shit too far around, which is nice, makes clean-up much easier. Found out last night, what exactly was making the “railing is falling off the wall” sound, and it was just my neighbor and his goalie pads on the way to hockey practice. Signed the lease, today, for my current space to stay there till everything is taken care of with the new space – or I find another space. Now all I need are a few yoga instructors (send them my way please, if you know of good ones who like to work with small classes).

The important things are falling into place, for my life, that makes me happy. The rest are just details.

We’re definitely heading into winter. I’m growing more introspective and yesterday was good for that. I ran over to ‘The Avenues’ to spend some time window shopping, found me a new nail care kit and the nails are happily trimmed. The girl in the Origins store cracked me up, I think she actually thought I was my age, since she was sitting there talking to me about all the anti-aging stuff. But all in all it was pretty good, I didn’t find a pig mug for Pastry, but I did look. Today is more shopping, after finishing up at the office I’ll be heading over to one of the gun stores to see what they have, then home and maybe some laundry, then hopping on teh bike o’ doom for a ride over to REI and the stores over there to see what all I can find. Then back home again.

I think I’m going to treat myself to a spa day this year, for the grand ole 32 (yeah, I’m a baby amongst my friends, I know). I really hadn’t put much thought into what was going to happen this year, and it’s suddenly creeped up on me. I was supposed to be having the grand opening for the new store (I think I said that already in an earlier post, but I’m too lazy, ATM, to go look it up).

Otherwise, missing some of my local friendlies. It sucks that I haven’t been able to make it out to various parties and outing-like things (hint: planning on Oakland, just tell me the date!!) I’ll set aside money this week for the next marmot day, and attend brunch. The neighbor is back, but it’s still quiet. There are updates on that front, but I’m in the wait-and-see mode. Doing a lot of that, but patience is good, and I’m not needing to go anywhere all that fast.

Oh yeah, circling back to the start of all of this, I’m redoing my wardrobe, so if anyone wants to stake some claims on my clothes, let me know. There are definitely keepers, but some stuff will be needing to vacate premises and I’d rather start with people I know and can/will use the stuff. Time to kick in to taking care of myself again. Since I haven’t been training, I’ve had time to be lazy, which means I have time to invest in self-care.

I’ll have to write more later, as I currently need to take a piss and head to my next client….

Last night, the crashing and banging became unbearable, after going in search of where it was coming from, I ended up at my immediate downstairs neighbor’s door, asking him what was up. His downstairs neighbors came up, complaining about his passive aggressive reaction to their inability to shut their door without slamming it. I informed them, that their inability to quietly shut a door kept me up all the time, because of the number of visitors they constantly received. 2 hours later, in trying to time out the slams per number of visitors, I witnessed a possible drug deal going down. Then another one showed up. Then my 2 downstairs neighbors showed up. I called security during the possible drug deal, he called me back during this time (after said cars were gone). I wanted the security officer to deal with it first, as I believe in starting at the bottom rung and working my way up (speaking of, yes I spoke with the guys in the apartment, several times about their disrupting behaviour, particularly after 1AM). Anyway, security didn’t do anything, the neighbors wanted the police called. Apparently that was falling to me, so I did. My neighbors are were not in residence this morning. Warrant was served last night around midnight, police spoke to me upon leaving at 3AM.

This weekend, I’m going to purchase the rifle that has been on my wish list for years. I’m also contemplating moving. Will speak to management on Monday. I am a really pissed off Freak. Lack of sleep, over-abundance of stupid and more important things to deal with does not make me a pleasant person right now. I think I need to invest in a security system for my car too, if they aren’t immediately evicted. I want my house, and a huge gate with a mine field. That is all.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

Your circumstances aren’t as dire as you feared, Scorpio. The freaky monster in the closet is bored with spooking you and will soon be departing the premises. Meanwhile, one of your other tormentors is about to experience some personal sadness that will soften his or her heart toward you. There’s more: The paralysis that has been infecting your funny bone will miraculously cure itself, and the scheduled revelation of the rest of your dirty secrets will be summarily canceled. I hope you’re not feeling so sorry for yourself that you fail to notice this sudden turn in your luck. It may take an act of will for you to wake up to the new dispensations that are available.

FreeWill Astrology

Well, considering I never feared them in a manner that could be considered ‘dire’, that’s good (does this mean I’m turning into an optimist?). All of my tormentors are my own emotions, if the emotion of anger can soften, that would be great. I am seriously not used to dealing with him anymore, as I managed to kick him out of my life for a bit.

But wait! There’s more!!!!

I do really need to laugh right now. Call me a convert, but in the past couple of years I have really learned how to laugh and enjoy myself, not taking serious the things that weren’t serious. It has been great, and I have found the healing properties of a really good laugh. As for the revelation, well, I haven’t had the a-ha moment on that one, and I’m still waiting for it. But I guess that will happen when it happens, no sense in rushing it because it will come at the exact moment that will be beneficial to me.

As for noticing, glad someone sent me the memo, because I’ve had too much cloud cover to see much of anything lately. Been trying to take the space to acclimate, but hey, doesn’t always happen the way I want it to, oh well. I can only work with the options I have available to me, and sometimes that doesn’t provide me with the most optimal of results.

So, an act of will? Maybe some good meditation this weekend. Give me something to look forward to, that includes tranquility and relaxation. Where to go from here? Forward.

I guess I should do some kind of update, of sorts. At the base of it all, life is doing pretty good. As always, near Samhain, endings and beginnings occur, work really kicks in and all that fun jazz. I’m hoping this winter the muse hits me up again, time to start getting back to the regular meditation habit and yoga habit. I might have to suck it up and make sure I get to Suri’s classes on Mondays (if she’s still hosting them). I’m still holding back on a good amount of things, half because they aren’t for public topic of discussion, and the other because it’s just not really worth discussing (how’s that for cryptic?).

On the flip-side, tonight I really crack down on the business stuffs. I need to write out a full CV along with the whole story behind SMB Integration and where it’s going. That whole process was side-tracked by some stupid shit and some more serious shit.

cut for your reading sanity

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

The Indian guru known as Amma has hugged over 30 million people during her three-decades career. I’ve known people who’ve received blessings from her, and they tell me that she can magically undo your karmic knots with her spiritual power, freeing you from having to suffer indefinitely for the bad decisions you made in the past. Amma rarely does a complete unraveling of all karmic knots in one sitting, however. Your negative conditioning might be holding you together, after all, and a sudden super-fix could cause you to fall apart. That’s the situation I suspect is true for you right now, Scorpio: You’ll be wise to undo some, but not all, of your karmic knots.

FreeWill Astrology

Working on it. I know I’m reaping some of the rewards for what I have done, and oh boy am I grateful for that. Just keep on the path.