We’re definitely heading into winter. I’m growing more introspective and yesterday was good for that. I ran over to ‘The Avenues’ to spend some time window shopping, found me a new nail care kit and the nails are happily trimmed. The girl in the Origins store cracked me up, I think she actually thought I was my age, since she was sitting there talking to me about all the anti-aging stuff. But all in all it was pretty good, I didn’t find a pig mug for Pastry, but I did look. Today is more shopping, after finishing up at the office I’ll be heading over to one of the gun stores to see what they have, then home and maybe some laundry, then hopping on teh bike o’ doom for a ride over to REI and the stores over there to see what all I can find. Then back home again.

I think I’m going to treat myself to a spa day this year, for the grand ole 32 (yeah, I’m a baby amongst my friends, I know). I really hadn’t put much thought into what was going to happen this year, and it’s suddenly creeped up on me. I was supposed to be having the grand opening for the new store (I think I said that already in an earlier post, but I’m too lazy, ATM, to go look it up).

Otherwise, missing some of my local friendlies. It sucks that I haven’t been able to make it out to various parties and outing-like things (hint: planning on Oakland, just tell me the date!!) I’ll set aside money this week for the next marmot day, and attend brunch. The neighbor is back, but it’s still quiet. There are updates on that front, but I’m in the wait-and-see mode. Doing a lot of that, but patience is good, and I’m not needing to go anywhere all that fast.

Oh yeah, circling back to the start of all of this, I’m redoing my wardrobe, so if anyone wants to stake some claims on my clothes, let me know. There are definitely keepers, but some stuff will be needing to vacate premises and I’d rather start with people I know and can/will use the stuff. Time to kick in to taking care of myself again. Since I haven’t been training, I’ve had time to be lazy, which means I have time to invest in self-care.

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