Month: November 2009

So Monday, I had trigger point therapy done on my neck – something has to give. Honestly, it’s been a while since I have been in this much physical pain. I’m currently nauseated, my neck is absolutely killing me, my head has followed up with a mild fever – I think – and I get dizzy if I stand up and sit down too fast. Fun, Fun Fun. I’m drinking tons of water, trying to flush out what all my muscles released, but HOLY FUCK!!!!!! I want to puke soooooooooo bad. I really need a couple of days off so I can just sit in a bath (might see if the hot tub is functional tomorrow), drink water and sleep. But at least my neck muscles are functional. Unfortunately, it makes work next to impossible.

Today was one of my ‘odd’ days off. It was nice. I slept in, for Marmot DayTM, drank coffee and listened to jazz, following that up with lovely conversation, then some DSO with pasta and more conversation. Ending with tea and cheese and DFW to keep me company. Reading his stuff makes me miss him all the more. I’m finishing up A supposedly fun thing I’ll never do again. I’m not sure what hits me most, the reminder of our conversations before, during and after class, or the fact I can hear his voice as I read the words, more as if he’s weaving a tale for me than me envisioning the words in my head. I miss him. He really was an amazing person, and I’m damned glad I was able to have him in my life. Anyone who is a fan of people watching would adore his essays and short stories….Infinite Jest, not so much (still working through that one too. I can read Durant’s works faster than that thing, but now I know where the Pulp Fiction assignment came from).

Now, it’s bedtime. iTunes is cycling my library, finding which tracks are now missing, as I reorganized things. I don’t like v9, I can’t listen and import at the same time, and for some reason it put Flogging Molly’s Long way home in the compilation folder. Weird. At least all of Depeche Mode is in one place, I think.

Today, I’m going to wax poetic with de Vinci. It will be my first trip to the High since I’ve moved here (yeah, 10 years and I’m finally visiting the worthwhile tourist stuff). It’s my present to myself, since I didn’t go anywhere this year. I’m determined, next time I go to France, to visit Chateau du Clos Luce and see the de Vinci exhibits there.

I’m feeling reflective today, sorting through more issues to figure out how to move forward, reconcile myself to some sort of acceptance of this past year. The highs have definitely been awesome and I welcome that the winds have been kind enough to push me in the directions and I was able to recognize and submit to those. I can’t even begin to describe the level of happiness that those changes have brought me. But the lows that preceded were horrible.

Summation of age 31

This weekend was a social whirlwind for me. Saturday night was psychosu‘s ‘new jobbitty party’. Had a blast with that, and tossed my idea to buy my friend’s condo by her. So far, she likes the idea and it gives her time to get her stuff in order. Bonus. Then came home and put my bed together and passing out on it at around 1.30AM. Woke up to Pastry im’ing me, apparently I forgot to turn off my im’s. Was a good thing, because I needed to wake up, but totally missed the wake-up call. Cleaned up the house, reorganized everything, made chili. The chili was good, but I think I didn’t add enough chili powder. The purple onion and lamb was awesome in it, so I’m really glad I made that choice. Got dressed up all schmancy-like, being stress-free is really nice for wanting to dress up. The downside is that I am definitely out of practice for corset wearing. Then off to moonbird‘s picnic at Oakland Cemetary. It was wonderful to play catch up with some folks that I haven’t seen in a while, and organize a yummy dinner with a friend for later. w00t!! Snuck off around 4ish to finish the house cleaning and start relaxing.

Outside of that, I’m definitely still working through some residuals. Kept my distance from various folks for reasons of odds and ends. Had hoped teh Su could have made it, would have helped that ‘awkward’ feeling a little bit, but hey, I had nancy624. 😀 I really wish Pastry could have been there, he would have had fun, and enjoyed the scenery. I think he’ll get along great with everyone too, can’t wait till New Year’s to introduce him to everyone. Gonna be so much fun.

First, my thoughts out to everyone at Ft Hood, and I’m glad to hear that J&J are safe. I have my thoughts on the whole situation, based on what I know from various sources, at this point in time….but I won’t go into them until more info is released.


Apparently, with the descent into winter I’m starting to wax poetic again. I’m half feeling the desire to finally visit Helen, GA to walk around the old town under the Autumn colours. Lots of thoughts spinning through my head, oddly at peace, but comfortably. The trip last weekend, as wet as it was, was very enjoyable. I actually was able to spend some time with the Fomorian (not you A 😉 ), and was surprised at the length of time I’ve known him, in that I haven’t actually known him. I look forward to getting another conversation of the same with him and the rest of my family. I’m in a settling mode, even contemplating a condo, but restraining because of the business. There’s a chance I might be moving into a friend’s, to help her out, looking at my options and we’re keeping the communication lines open for that. Guess that would be a ‘training run’.

I’m also feeling the travel bug, again. I love Fall, the idea of walking around Central/Southern Europe just stokes a few fires. Not sure where I want to go, but definitely want to head out again. But yeah, that’s gonna be on the back burner. Maybe I could get away with a weekend in Montreal, have been wanting to go back there for a while.

Need to write more poetry, Sunday should be good for that. Tuesday, I have evening work, so I’m probably going to hit up the High in the late morning/early afternoon before I have to be at my office.

Happy b-day to me, I turned a wonderful 32 years old today. I went shopping, got an email from the leasing agent saying the landlord likes the idea. Next step, business plan.

Oh yeah, I got waffle house, compliments of psychosu, a toothbrush holder and a new pair of shoes. Now to clean out the closet.