Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

“Behind every face, there are a thousand faces,” says film director Bryan Singer, who worked on two of the X-Men movies. He deals with professional actors, who specialize in revealing the myriad faces beneath the surface. But I think his assessment applies to lots of people, especially you Scorpios — although it must be said that you do have mad skills at hiding all the action going on beneath your surface. This Halloween, I urge you to make a break with tradition and show five or six of the real you’s lurking below your poker face. Costume suggestion: be inspired by Joseph Campbell’s “hero with a thousand faces.”

FreeWill Astrology

Or the 7 Faces of Dr. Lao? The question becomes, which faces to show? The lover, the sage, the mother…..etc, etc, etc? I know one face will be the veil walker, another will be the warrior, given my station within ritual the mother will also be present. The Judge, mayhaps?

As far as this year has gone, it has been interesting. I am seeing many new colours emerge within my community. Some I like, some I don’t. There have been several judgements made, I’m predicting that more will come before year’s end. Transition is full of that, and this is a time of transition. I’m still considering where I want to go next year, or at least what progress I want made. I’m this close to telling the leasing agent for the space I’m looking at, to withdraw my interest. I understand what they’re trying to accomplish, but I’m feeling that there is too much stumbling and not enough thought occurring. That, and she keeps upping the cash-in-hand number, at this point it stands at a number that would crush my business, and that I will not have happen. I have options, I have made my contacts, so something will happen and I will be ok. I half think she’s trying to torch my chances. Which goes back to my many faces…I am very much like Mystique, able to shift as needed, yet still remaining true to the core.


    1. Pretty much what I’m ready to do. The storefronts I’m looking at have been empty for over 2 years, at this point. The leasing agent is pulling a ton of stuff out of a hat saying she doesn’t feel the landlord would be comfy renting to just me. While I can understand that, I can easily get the backing to guarantee my rent through several outlets. Which seems to fall on deaf ears, as I’m not going to get it guaranteed until I get a specified amount.


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