Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

The astrological vibes suggest that you open yourself wide, try everything, and give freely. I urge you to adapt as your motto an exhortation that once came out of the mouth of the seven-year-old cartoon character Dennis the Menace: “Hey! Wake up! Let’s go everywhere and do everything!” More than any other phase in many moons, Scorpio, this is your moment to make YES your battle cry. The world is asking you to be bigger than the old you, wilder than five blood oaths put together, and as strong as the full moon rising over a mountain.

FreeWill Astrology

Hrm, sounds fun!!!! But can the rest of the world handle an unbridled Freak? If not, oh well. 😀

That said, in order to make this business flourish in the manner it needs to, I need to run full steam ahead, I need to have the outlook that attracts what I need. I called the leasing agent and said, “What exactly do I need to have, on hand, for this to work?” She told me, and I said that I will talk to my bank and have my financiers call you. This will work.

Otherwise, I am feeling quite well, surprisingly. The fan didn’t spread shit too far around, which is nice, makes clean-up much easier. Found out last night, what exactly was making the “railing is falling off the wall” sound, and it was just my neighbor and his goalie pads on the way to hockey practice. Signed the lease, today, for my current space to stay there till everything is taken care of with the new space – or I find another space. Now all I need are a few yoga instructors (send them my way please, if you know of good ones who like to work with small classes).

The important things are falling into place, for my life, that makes me happy. The rest are just details.

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