Day: October 16, 2009

I’ll have to write more later, as I currently need to take a piss and head to my next client….

Last night, the crashing and banging became unbearable, after going in search of where it was coming from, I ended up at my immediate downstairs neighbor’s door, asking him what was up. His downstairs neighbors came up, complaining about his passive aggressive reaction to their inability to shut their door without slamming it. I informed them, that their inability to quietly shut a door kept me up all the time, because of the number of visitors they constantly received. 2 hours later, in trying to time out the slams per number of visitors, I witnessed a possible drug deal going down. Then another one showed up. Then my 2 downstairs neighbors showed up. I called security during the possible drug deal, he called me back during this time (after said cars were gone). I wanted the security officer to deal with it first, as I believe in starting at the bottom rung and working my way up (speaking of, yes I spoke with the guys in the apartment, several times about their disrupting behaviour, particularly after 1AM). Anyway, security didn’t do anything, the neighbors wanted the police called. Apparently that was falling to me, so I did. My neighbors are were not in residence this morning. Warrant was served last night around midnight, police spoke to me upon leaving at 3AM.

This weekend, I’m going to purchase the rifle that has been on my wish list for years. I’m also contemplating moving. Will speak to management on Monday. I am a really pissed off Freak. Lack of sleep, over-abundance of stupid and more important things to deal with does not make me a pleasant person right now. I think I need to invest in a security system for my car too, if they aren’t immediately evicted. I want my house, and a huge gate with a mine field. That is all.