Day: October 29, 2009

So, apparently the health plans coming out of Congress include this:

Individuals under the $829 billion Senate Finance Committee plan would be required to purchase health insurance coverage or face a fine of up to $750. The House bill imposes a more stringent fine of up to 2.5 percent of an individual’s income. Both versions include a hardship exemption for poorer Americans.

CNN Health plan unveiled

Which, to me reads, “If a private plan is too expensive for you, and the government plan sucks ass, you’re fined.” Not what I would consider all that great, considering I have a catastrophic plan (that I do prefer) that keeps going up as my net annual income does not. So, when it comes down to cutting costs should I need to, it will be the first to go. And like hell I’m going to force someone else to pay my way, and I sure as hell don’t like the idea of forcing me to let someone else pay my way.