Day: September 27, 2006

Scorpio for this week:

Last year actress Michelle Rodriguez was arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii. She was given the choice of spending five days in prison or doing 240 hours of community service. She surprised everyone by choosing to be incarcerated. Some observers theorized that she felt it would be a good chance to do research for future film roles as a bad girl. Rodriguez said, “I’m a gypsy. I can see beauty in a jail cell.” While I’m not predicting you’ll end up behind bars in the coming week, Scorpio, I do suspect you’ll have a bout with limitation. If you do, regard it as an invitation to accomplish three things: (1) Develop more compassion for people who’ve undergone comparable adventures; (2) expand your ability to find beauty in challenging circumstances; (3) cultivate your skill at creating opportunities for yourself in the midst of perplexity.

FreeWill Astrology

Wow, the boy stumped me. With that said, my friend Linda has me wanting to pick up my camera and take it everywhere with me. However, unlike her, I plan on getting a digital video camera instead. I’ve always had the nutty idea to do “a day in the life of me” stuff. Since well before MTV made it cool, and I’m finally feeling the desire to do it. Mainly so I can do video journals, instead of just trying to describe something, I can film it and talk about it at the same time. I think it’ll add an interesting spin to my website.