Day: September 20, 2006

My ProgPower recap:

Wednesday: arrive all nice and sweaty from BJJ, hoping to take a shower fairly quickly. However, the hotel had a different story, which resulted in me losing my 2-rm suite and being dumped into 2 single room suites. Granted, it wasn’t bad, but my poor ET had to keep up with my spare key in the event I needed something from my room. The Finn and Doc got in shortly, got them settled and then Aki and I headed over to the pre pre-party. It was great, I got to listen to decent kareoke, and some outstanding kareoke. Got to hang with my boys Zilla and Ralph, which is always nice to see them. Also got to beat up my friend Kyle, but unfortunately, his brother was feeling under the weather. Headed home around 11.30 to prep for the next day.

Thursday: up early to head over to CNN center to drop off my car, skateboard over to the rental agency to pick up the transport vehicle. Then off to pick up the first bands. It was a slow day, so I headed back to the apartment to change for the evening. The bands were awesome! It was so nice to finally get to see Circus Maximus live, as I missed them last year. I got to socialize quite a bit, meet some cool people, flirt around a little and cut up with Claus and co. Then off to the apartment for sleep around 12.30 for the next day.

Friday: up early again. The bands were easy to handle, they were all on-time and pretty quick on being ready if they weren’t. Cut up with Mattias, and talking about lazy Swedish vikings and bad Swedish porn. Their set rocked, btw, especially the cow and dildo. (yeah, you had to be there). Caught a good bit of Pyramaze, not the whole set, can’t remember who I was picking up, but got there with enough time to catch the last half of the set. Yes, both are on my list for this year. Claus and co. tried to convince me into a trip to Cheetah’s, however, it wasn’t in the cards, so had to issue a raincheck for Saturday. But I did get lots of socializing in again.

Saturday: up seriously early, had to run home and pick up my stompy boots for the night. Then off to pick up the first band for soundcheck. After that, hour nap, then back to runs. Today was pretty busy, with picking up equipment and bands left and right. They were all cool, no problems this year with anyone, and I got some decent socializing time in. Was great to be stalked by Urban, somehow he always ended up behind me somewhere. 🙂 Also got to hang out with someone now close to my heart. Wish I could have talked to him more. But oh well…

Oh yeah, also the stairwell boys cracked me up. It was hilarious to see them standing around like they were in highschool, smoking up because it was the only place that wasn’t loud, and they could smoke away from everyone. More cutting up with Claus, was good to actually get to talk with him some more, he’s usually too occupied for someone as lowly as me. 😉 Between runs, finally ended up at Cheetah’s, and Claus disappeared somewhere. He claims he was discussing philosophy, but we all know otherwise. *nudgenudgewinkwink* I will say, it was more than what I was expecting, it was pretty clean, but I’ll definitely not be going there by myself. Somehow, I was misconstrued as a stripper, despite the fact I had pants on. Guess they failed to look lower than the waist. But I do have to say, it was highly amusing to see my friends with the grins on their faces. Had to thank the management there, for letting me run in and out to do my last couple of runs from there. From there, it was off to the next party. Yeah, with that said, I got to bed around 8.30A.

Thanks to everyone I met, you’re wonderful, hopefully we can all keep in touch before it becomes another year before seeing each other.