Day: September 24, 2006

Boundaries, the intro…

Alright, so I’ve finally got some of my boundaries cataloged and I’m going to start posting them….tomorrow, with descriptions of what brought them about and how I became aware of them and what I’m doing to break through them. I wanted to put this out there, as I’ll be using examples from my life, and some people might take offense to be used as an example. I want to point out that nothing I am going to say is to slam anyone, or make them feel guilty for crossing a boundary of mine. These are just examples and I hold nothing against anyone who has crossed any of my boundaries (unless they knowingly do it repeatedly for the purpose of pissing me off).

I understand that my boundaries are so far out in left field, that most people think I don’t have any, hence why I don’t go ballistic (yes Kyle, my sincerest apologies for reacting the way that I did. There was a better means of letting you know, and I fucked that one up. Least we found out you liked it. 😡 ).