Day: September 23, 2006

How do you make a Freak cry? Take her to a movie about the “romantic” warrior, aka Fearless. It was beautiful from both a cinematographic perspective, as well as a martial arts perspective. It’s easy to hate the child with a point to prove, but to see the journey through the self-discipline and life lessons, to the man he became is just amazing. The part that really got to me, was the match between Jet Li’s character, Huo Yiangjia and his Japanese counterpart. Classic display of the warrior creed taught by any school or class of warriors. I won’t give out any spoilers, because I’d rather you all see the movie. I guarantee, that anyone who has felt the pull of the warrior path, will be hit in the heart with this one. Especially when you take into consideration, that this is Jet-Li’s last movie.

My Scotsman gets major kudos for this choice. Of course, the last movie about warriors we saw together, he cried. 😉 Guess it was my turn.