Day: September 29, 2006

In driving to my office today, windows down, stereo cranked, I realized I’m ready. This season is one of my favourites, mainly because it was when I was born, but you can honestly feel the changes. The day after Prog I could smell the snow that’s coming our way. I’m not totally prepared for it, least with functional clothing, so I’ll have to snag some warmer stuff. I’m sitting here in my work room, wanting to be out in the park, watching the leaves change colour with my camera. I want to be out soaking it up, but instead I sit here at a computer screen waiting, sipping my tea and feeling the energy within me. I want to go feel the ocean again, let it call to me and give in to it. Let it surround my body in its frozen caresses, till my lips soak up the salt that gives its kisses that extra sultriness. There is something to be said for the ocean and the winter sky. The endlessness that both provide, singing in duet to bring back the summer.

I danced…

Upon the rain clouds, my feet tapping against your roof. Asking you to come out to play. My skirts creating the wind that rustled up the trees, scratching against your window pane. I didn’t mean to scare you. I shower you with gold, pouring as leaves upon the path that you will walk. Blessing your path before you arrive. For you are mine, and I love you for it.