Day: September 19, 2006

Ok, what is it with me and Leo’s lately (the zodiac sign that is)? Ever since my Bitch walked into my life last year, they’ve been all over the bloody place, and I’m the one getting interested in them! Seriously, is this some lesson I have to learn in personal domination? I mean, I get the hint, 3rd time’s the charm, right? (yes, this would be the 3rd Leo….fucking patterns).

Oh wait, yeah, I have to post these….

From 9.14:
Woe to the person who feels the need to challenge you — you’ve got witty retorts and dazzling debate techniques to spare. This person is just grandstanding. Stand strong and protect your territory.

From 9.17:
You’re about to be given the chance to embark on an extraordinary relationship. Be receptive to influences that shape your mind, body and soul, and make sure you can relinquish your need for control.

I have to say it’s pretty interesting, especially when taking into consideration the occurances of this weekend. I’ll post more about those later, just need to decide how much I want to share, and with whom I wish to share it.